The student team from SMVITM with the prototype of black pepper separator and collector, at Bantakal in Udupi district.  

A team of four students of Mechanical Engineering at the Bantakal-based Sri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology and Management (SMVITM) has developed a prototype of black pepper separator and collector as part of its final year project.

A press release issued by the institute said that the project was carried out by Shetty Latish Bhaskar, Reevan Nelson Lobo, Sagar, Pramod M. Amin of eighth semester under the guidance of Lingaraj Ritti, Senior Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

In the Black Pepper Separator and Collector Machine designed by the students, initially, black pepper is separated from the spikes by using separator and then collected by using vacuum pressure that draws the pepper seeds inside the vacuum chamber.

In the vacuum chamber, the pepper seeds are separated from the dust and unwanted particles by using filter.

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After the separation process, the pepper seeds are spread to dry and to eliminate moisture content in the presence of sunlight; again the pepper is collected back for further process. The process of separation and collection of black pepper is automated by using Bluetooth module with a smart phone. The Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST) sponsored this project, the release said.

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