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I love stockings. It’s the perfect place to stick wallets, toothbrushes, chargers…all the little odds and ends that you know they’ll love, but that seem a little tame for under the tree. Of course, if you’re looking to upgrade your stocking game, grab a deal or two on one of these premium options and make the stocking the thing they’re looking forward to the most.  

Usually $100, this luxury strap from Nomad is just $30 dollars through Black Friday weekend. The premium leather is the perfect way to class up your 40mm or 38mm Apple Watch. If you’ve avoided Nomad’s products in the past because of their price, this is the weekend to stock up. Nearly everything on the site is 50%-70% off.

The Courant Carry is the most stylish wireless battery I’ve come across in a long time. The top is covered in Italian leather, as well as the bottom charging pad. Why is there a pad on the bottom? Because the Carry is itself wirelessly rechargeable. There’s a USB-C port on the bottom if you need to get wires involved, but I’ve found I rarely need to. It charges your devices quickly with a 10W output, up to two times fully with its 8,000mAh capacity. Right now through Cyber Monday it’s down to $115, 25% off the normal price.

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Giving toothbrushes in stockings never gets old. But there’s no reason they have to be boring. Last year I jumped on Quip’s annual holiday sale and got two brushed metal electric toothbrushes for my kids. Now they actually brush like they should (Quip has a built in 2-minute timer with reminders to switch every 30 seconds). As a bonus, the included mirror mount means that they keep their brushes off the counter when they’re done. That mount also becomes a travel cover – I don’t think they’ve forgotten their toothbrushes once on a trip since getting them the Quip. And every 3 months we get new brushheads and batteries in the mail, so it’s easy for me to keep things maintained. I don’t want to say that Quip is the greatest stocking gift I’ve ever purchased, but it kinda is. Spend $55 or more on the site this weekend and you can take 15% off your order with the code HOLIDAYSALE. If you want to go even bigger, get one of their bundles with their new travel case and floss. It’s worth it. 

OK, this one doesn’t have a deal, but I love it too much not to include it on the list. Especially since I’m giving these to everyone on my list that has an iPhone 11 Pro. The Grovemade iPhone 11 Pro bumper (also available for the Pro Max) enhances the look of your phone with a real walnut or maple edge. I say “enhances the look” because while the thin wood of the bumper will protect the edges of your iPhone in the event of a fall, the wood itself can only take so much damage. Over time, it will start to break down like any natural material. Still, I like how wood looks as it ages and these bumpers are a great way to bring a little bit of warmth to the iPhone Pro without covering up the finish. 

A pop-up card wallet is the perfect thing to stick in someone’s stocking to upgrade their ECD (that’s “everyday carry”) Ekster’s bull leather exterior hides an RFID-blocking aluminum cardholder. The cardholder can fit up to 6 cards. With the pull of a trigger, your cards pop up beautifully, ready to grab. The trigger is nicely integrated into the footprint of the wallet so it won’t snag or activate accidentally. The interior of the cardholder has rubber nibs on one side to keep your cards from sliding out. The leather portion has two interior pockets for any extra cards, as well as a money band for bills. There’s also an exterior pocket that you can use for receipts or Ekster’s own tracking card. Powered by the Chipolo app, the tracker lets you find your wallet wherever it may end up. Even better, you don’t have to worry about batteries – a three hour solar charge is enough to keep the card running for two months. Usually these run around $80, but just for Black Friday weekend, and just for Forbes, you can get 42% off your purchases sitewide when you use the code FORBES42 at checkout.

Speaking of ECD upgrades, this Orbitkey Key Organizer has been an absolute revelation for my pockets. The organizer holds a few keys, plus an available multitool, and an available Chipolo tracker, all in an extremely grabbable loop made from choice materials like durable canvas or leather, in a wide variety of colors. Rotate the keys out of the loop when you need them, then rotate them back when you’re done. There’s no jingling, no keys scratching up your wallet or phone. The only thing I wish is that I had gotten one years ago. There’s a huge variety of Key Organizers and accessories (including rings to attach your key fob to the d-ring of the organizer) on their site. The best part is that their entire site is 25% off right now through Cyber Monday.

Every stocking needs at least one gift that just won’t fit, that they’d never be expecting. The Polaroid Lab is that gift. It’s essentially a physical Instagram-filter creator. Using the Polaroid Lab app, you load an image, decide what kind of physical creation you want to make from your photo, then place your phone on the Lab. It takes a picture of your picture and prints it out with your chosen filter as a Polaroid print. It’s weird and messes with the entire expected order of print-making and it’s exactly the kind of thing that your kids will be playing with and coming back to. Once you get in the groove, you just want to keep making prints with the Lab, seeing how you can tweak the pictures on your camera. It’s exactly the kind of holiday fun that’s easily accessible for everyone.

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