A comprehensive list of the new freshwater fishing tackle for 2020. We’ll continue providing regular updates to the gallery, so be sure to keep up with the most-talked-about week in sport fishing!

The Lowrance Ghost has a designed from scratch brushless motor with the most thrust and the longest run time of any trolling motor on the market that additionally eliminates sonar interference plus other benefits including integrated Lowrance sonar options, waypoint anchoring and an industry-leading three-year warranty.

Ghost’s unique propulsion technology in its brushless motor generates thrust that is 25-percent greater than current competitors and delivers 45-percent longer run times on the same charge – equivalent to nearly one additional day of operation. The combination of precision manufacturing, rare earth materials, and a cutting-edge weedless prop design provides high-output thrust with long running efficiency.

Ghost’s brushless motor helps eliminate noisy operation and unlike common brush motors, has no brushes to wear out, ensuring greater reliability and longer life. The brushless motor emits no electromagnetic interference – giving anglers the clearest sonar views possible with zero on-screen interference.

The BX Big Brat is the big brother to the original BX Brat and maintains the same 4×4 balsa inner body with a super tough copolymer shell.

Now available in a deep diving model, the RipStop tail design creates a fast ripping, hard stopping, flashing swimbait action. Its forward motion stops on a dime, with a subtle shimmy before coming to rest, then ever so slightly lifts its head with a super slow rise.

Six-piece culling system that allows easy management of your fish. Features non-penetrating, fish-friendly clips that securely grip to the fish, heavy duty composite construction, multi-colored EVA floats with laser-etched numbers that won’t rub off and made of 100% non-corrosive components that will not rust or degrade. 

5 colors in the Richardson 115 Snapback Trucker low profile, 7 colors in the Richardson 112 Snapback Trucker Cap, 4 colors in the Flexfit Cap and 4 patterns in the Richardson 112 in Realtree and Kryptek. 

This shirt offers style combined with function, UV (SPF 30) protection along with moisture-wicking & 100% polyester interlock for ultimate comfort. Available in 6 colors and sizes XS-XXL.

Next Level T-shirts are notoriously comfortable fitting in a color everyone looks good in. Available in 6 colors and sizes S-XXL.

After years of design, testing, adjustments and more testing with Brandon Palaniuk, the Arashi Glide Bait delivers a fine-tuned, consistent, stable glide action at every speed. Developed to sink slowly in a slight head down position, this bait responds to the slightest line movement. Swimming in an exaggerated “S” action that piques interest of big bass, a quick snap of the rod tip turns the AGB 180 degrees, triggering strikes from followers. Versatile action, triple-pin hinge construction merged with swiveling hooks for reduced leverage and just the right color patterns result in an masterpiece of lure design. 

Proven and tested by Terry Bolton, Jacob Wheeler and Seth Feider for a year now, Sufix Advance 100% Fluorocarbon has a new proprietary Gel Phase Technology process producing the ultimate handling, performance, and clarity essential to the most discriminating anglers. It exclusively helped Terry Bolton win the 2019 FLW Sam Rayburn 1st Place. If you see Seth Feider – ask him if he has ever broken it. 

VMC continues momentum by applying new innovation to the 2019 Bassmaster Classic winning treble hook. This new IKE APPROVED concept is a swivel and blade combination securely nested and enclosed on a VMC hybrid treble with a powerful epoxy resin. Our VMC pros asked us not to launch this hook so they could keep it a secret. Take a bait that is already good and make it better with extra flash and vibration. Multi species modifications on crankbaits, swimbaits, topwater, spoons, jerkbaits and more.

This hook features an adjustable spinner arm for maximum rotation and optimal blade position, a self-centering spring securely holds the bait in place, fixed weight, hi-carbon steel and a needle point. Available in 3/0-3/16-ounce, 4/0-3/16-ounce, 5/0-1/4-ounce, 6/0-3/8-ounce, 7/0-3/8-ounce, 9/0-3/8-ounce and 11/0-1/2-ounce.

The proven VMC Heavy Duty Wide Gap with a welded stainless steel ring provides more mobility, provides a natural, free and fluid action to your bait and reduces leverage during the fight. Available in sizes 2/0-6/0.

The hottest new rig in bass fishing, now with a Heavy Duty Flippin’ Hook to fit more baits and situations. The Tokyo Rig features a one piece solid ring connected to a premium rolling swivel that allows the bait to move freely above the 2.5″ dropper arm with a natural flowing and undulating action. Available in 3/0 – 5/0.

The hottest new rig in bass fishing, now with a Heavy Duty Worm Hook to fit more baits and situations. The Tokyo Rig features a one piece solid ring connected to a premium rolling swivel that allows the bait to move freely above the 2.5-inch dropper arm with a natural flowing and undulating action.

5 new Ott DeFoe-inspired colors: Bama Craw, OverDose, Blue Glimmer Shad, Texas Craw and Chobee Craw. Available in sizes 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1-ounce.

Designed by Shin Fukae, this lipless crankbait is 3/4-ounce and measures 70mm. It has a very high-pitched knocking sound, two line ties for two different actions. They are currently in retailers. 

Designed by John Crews, this lure comes in 8 colors and weighs 5/16-ounce and measures 80mm long. The swivels are meant to give the bait a better rolling action while retrieved and also an enticing wobbling action as it falls. Swivels on each end of the bait were added for better hook ups. 

The new Garmin Force trolling motor was designed with superior power and efficiency in mind. Thanks to its brushless motor, Force operates with almost undetectable levels of sonar and steering noise both above and below the water. It also includes built-in Garmin CHIRP traditional and Ultra High-Definition ClearVü and SideVü scanning sonars. 

Its high-efficiency brushless motor operates at either 36V or 24V. When running at 24V, it’s said that the Force delivers thrust comparable to many other 36V motors. 

Wireless integration with a Garmin chartplotter and built-in autopilot functionality allow anglers with Force to quickly get to the fish and stay in the same location while they fish. Force offers precise virtual anchor lock to help anglers lock their boat onto their fishing spot quickly and with accuracy. 

Force includes a convenient wireless foot pedal that provides instant control and responsiveness yet feels and steers like a cable-steered pedal. The pedal resistance is adjustable, and features foot-actuated buttons to control speed, heading and anchor lock. It can be operated wirelessly using AA batteries, or with the included power cable for wired power installation. When battery-operated, the wireless foot pedal will remain charged through one year of typical fishing use.

It will be offered with a 50-inch or 57-inch adjustable shaft and suggested retail prices will be $3,099.99 and $3,199.99, respectively. 

Designed to be paired with the new Neko ShroomZ™ for the popular Neko rig technique, the 5.75″ Bang StickZ is equally at home on shaky heads, Texas rigs, wacky rigs, and Carolina rigs. Its tear-resistant ElaZtech® construction eliminates the need for o-rings when wacky rigging, while the buoyant material and quad-tentacles cause the Bang StickZto come alive underwater and tease even the most stubborn fish into biting.

Merging the patented Z-Man bladed jig and Freedom Tackle interchangeable, swinging hook designs, this football head bladed jig opens a world of opportunity for anglers! Molded from zinc for enhanced durability and a unique sound profile, this vibrating jig that stays down even on the fastest retrieves and makes maximum bottom contact on slow dragging retrieves. The CFL is armed with a heavy-duty VMC® flipping hook, custom trailer keeper, and spider cut skirt for enhanced fish-catching ability. 

These super heavy duty EWG swimbait hooks are now available in 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 6/0 and 8/0 sizes to match virtually all ElaZtech swimbaits and fluke-style baits, in addition to the existing 10/0 and 12/0 versions dedicated solely to monster softbaits. Built on heavy wire Mustad UltraPoint hooks and equipped with a molded keeper that holds baits securely in place, these rigging hooks are as tough as the softbaits they’re designed to carry. Rear-positioned belly weights keel even the most buoyant Z-Man swimbaits perfectly and provide a seductive shimmy on the fall. Don’t sleep on these as rigging tools for ElaZtech worms, craws, and stickbaits either!

Thanks to its realistic profile, hard-thumping tail, hook-hiding belly slot and split dorsal fin, and realistic wiggle, Z-Man’s 4″ DieZel MinnowZ has become a staple for bass fishermen nationwide. The addition of 5″ and 7″ sizes of this super-soft yet equally bulletproof 10X Tough swimbait will open even more doors when big bass are the target. Think big bass for these upsized DieZel MinnowZ. During testing, the 5″ version produced some solid bites from outsized largemouth, and the 7″ model that will follow later this summer might just become the ultimate big bass swimbait. Rigging options for the 5″ DieZel MinnowZ are virtually limitless, but the primary applications for this new swimbait will be as a ChatterBait trailer, rigged with an exposed hook for open water on a HeadlockZ jighead, or paired with the new ChinlockZ swimbait hooks for running through grass and pads.

Taking the Ned Rig concept to a new level, the thick-bodied Giant TRD pairs seamlessly with the new Mag ShroomZ™ to create a supersized jig-worm package with a proven, fish-catching profile that is ideal when big bass are the target. Equally suited for flipping, pitching, Texas rigs, and Carolina rigs, its 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction provides maximum buoyancy that allows the bait to stand up on the bottom at rest and keeps anglers fishing, not re-rigging, even after dozens of bites. 

An oversized version of our popular ShroomZ jigheads, the Mag ShroomZ is built around a 6/0 hook that matches the new Giant TRD™ and other larger ElaZtech® baits. Ideal for targeting big fish or as a substitute for magnum shaky-style jigheads, the Mag ShroomZ is a must-have for a variety of applications from skipping docks to dragging ledges and is available with either an open hook or an adjustable double wire weedguard in weights ranging from 1/8 to 3/8 oz.

Delivering upsized Ned rig performance, the Z-Man Mag Shroomz Weedless gives anglers the opportunity to fish bigger soft plastics while in and around heavy cover with a Ned rig. Built around a custom 6/0 wide gap hook to accommodate larger soft plastics, the Z-Man Mag Shroomz Weedless features a dual wire weedguard that protects the razor sharp hook point so that anglers can access areas with heavy cover without getting snagged. It also features Z-Man’s signature mushroom head design, which is the preferred shape of Ned-rig enthusiasts for traversing over all types of terrain and keeping your bait pointed in an upward position to tempt finicky fish into biting. 

ElaZtech® enthusiasts rejoice! A stainless center wire and plastic keeper are easily inserted into Z-Man’s 10X Tough softbaits, while the mushroom-shaped weight merges seamlessly with popular finesse baits like the Bang StickZ™, Big TRD™, and Hula StickZ™ to create a bulletproof Neko rig. Anglers can now easily take advantage of the buoyant properties of ElaZtech baits for this popular finesse technique while eliminating the need for o-rings and other devices otherwise needed for wacky rigging.

Featuring the mushroom shaped head preferred by Ned Rig enthusiasts and a welded wire keeper that grips ElaZtech® softbaits securely, the Pro ShroomZ sports a beefy, 2/0 hook sought after by serious tournament anglers for more lifting power in heavy current situations and around cover. Pairing perfectly with a variety of TRD™ finesse baits, the Pro ShroomZ is available in open hook and weedless models in weights up to 1/3 oz for deep water applications.

Delivering tournament-caliber performance and a weedless profile, the Z-Man Pro Shroomz Weedless Ned Rig Jighead gives anglers added strength to land big fish and fish in areas that are not accessible with a standard open hook jighead. Built around a custom medium wire 2/0 jig hook, Z-Man Pro Shroomz Weedless Ned Rig Jighead offers the perfect balance of strength and easy hook penetration so that anglers can use heavier tackle and not worry about bending out the hook or losing big fish. 

A scaled-down version of the acclaimed SlingBladeZ spinnerbait, the compact 17-7 stainless LiveWire™ frame ensures maximum vibration and durability, which the concave underside of the StabilTrack™ head provides exceptional stability at all retrieve speeds. Built with premium features like a 4/0 VMC® O’Shaughnessy hook, copper wire hand-tied skirts, detailed paint schemes, jeweler quality custom blades, and a wire trailer keeper that will satisfy the needs of the most ardent tournament anglers.

The Texas rig re-imagined! Sporting oversized eyes that are the hallmark of the EyeStrike jighead lineup, the streamlined, flat-sided head and swinging hook design of the Texas Eye Jighead allows it to snake through cover and adds an extra shimmy to soft plastics. Armed with a heavy duty 4/0 VMC® EWG hook with a molded keeper to prevent softbaits from slipping on hard casts and missed strikes, its prominent eyes provide a strike target that fresh- and saltwater gamefish can’t miss.

Taking a time-tested softbait profile, scaling it down to Ned Rig proportions, and building it from naturally buoyant ElaZtech® material results in a finesse bait that is a necessity for serious bass anglers. The ribbed body traps fish-attracting bubbles and provides an extra-soft feel, while its oversized appendages trigger bites as the lift off the bottom at rest. The TRD BugZ is equally suited for rigging on a ShroomZ™ jighead or a Finesse BulletZ ™weedless hook for dragging through cover.

Thanks to a stainless center pin and plastic keeper, the TRD SpinZ provide an easy way to add some bling to ElaZtech® baits.  Available in willow and Colorado blade configurations and armed with ball bearing swivels that allow its blades to rotate on the fall, the TRD SpinZ was designed to give Ned Rigs a flashier look but can also be used to dress up a variety of Z-Man swimbaits, stickbaits, and more.  Your imagination is the limit with the new TRD SpinZ!

The culmination of nearly a decade of testing and tweaking ElaZtech® finesse baits, the TicklerZ is arguably the most effective Ned Rig bait ever made. Sporting a thick, dimpled body that mates seamlessly with ShroomZ™ and NedlockZ™ jigheads, its buoyant construction and widely spread quad-tentacles cause this bait to come alive on the bottom. Designed for bass but equally effective for a variety of fresh- and saltwater species, the TRD TicklerZ is a must-have regardless of your target.

The BIG-M7.5 is a super-deep crank inspired by the BIG-M4.0′s unique combination of low retrieve resistance, high flash, and stable roll. After 3+ years of super-deep crank testing in the US, the emergence of the BIG-M4.0′s high potential design was a key turning point in the journey to make the super-deep concept a reality. 

Built to reach 7.5m (24ft) on a normal cast, the BIG-M7.5 brings unrivaled action and exquisite detail to some of the deepest ranges in bass fishing. However, the BIG-M7.5 isn’t simply about depth. From the first soaring, tumble-free cast to each and every catch, the BIG-M7.5 exudes the quiet confidence born of decades of Japanese cranking refinement. Featuring a triple moving-balancer system, high flat-sides and a super-low center of gravity, the BIG-M gives off overwhelming flash and acrobatic bottom-contact action—without the unnecessary retrieve stress and fatigue of traditional super-deep cranks. 

Built to dominate monster bass, vicious peacock bass and Murray Cod, the I-WING 135 brings explosive buzz-crawling action to the world of extreme topwater games. The result of merciless hydrodynamic testing throughout Japan, the i-WING features a jointed design, R.A.B. (PAT.P) pendulum-balancer, customizable duralumin wings, and Megabass’ unmistakable fit and finish for a winged-meal like no other. 

During dead slow retrieves i-WING generates micro pitch waves, evoking a small school of fish that swarms to weakened bait. However, the i-WING truly soars when you kick your retrieve into high gear, taking off with a buzzing-crawl that outpaces the competition and calls up fearsome topwater eruptions. 

This wide retrieve range is powered not only by wing size, placement and painstaking hydrodynamic design, but by advances like the patent-pending R.A.B. balancer, which anchors the i-WING’s crawling action by acting as a counterweight. 

The MAGDRAFT FREESTYLE is the ultimate swimbait for big bass sessions. With a snub-nose design perfect for screw-lock hooks, a pre-cut belly and recessed top-groove, the FREESTYLE is built for easy big-game rigging for novices and experts alike. 

Preserving the hard-thumping tail action and deadly head-shake of the original, the FREESTYLE brings a new bag of tricks to the MAGDRAFT’s proven performance. 

Select a weighted 6/0 or 8/0 screw-lock hook to target submerged vegetation where savvy monsters lie in wait along shade lines, grass lanes and isolated cover. 

The MEGADOG is a weapon designed to target trophy largemouth bass and monster sea bass. By pushing the potential of the Megabass walking masterpiece, the DOG-X, to the limit, MEGADOG deploys intense flashing appeal and surface disturbance to target large bass that chase big baitfish to the surface. Despite its large frame, the MEGADOG features very low pulling resistance.  

Double Inertial Balancer System features weights that shift in different directions from the action fulcrum. This allows the MEGADOG to perform sliding actions under any conditions. 

Power Swivel and Stainless Penetrating Wire features a super high-strength power swivel with exceptional tracking ability along with a super thick 1.4mm stainless reinforcing wire. This helps to prevent hook dislodgement due to the violent head shaking of giant sea bass and trophy largemouth. 

The Megabass UOZE SWIMMER spares no expense, harnessing careful design and premium components to deliver an unrivaled swim jig experience. 

The UOZE SWIMMER’s head starts with a classically-proven point to cut through vegetation and water, but that is where the similarities end. Sculpted details culminate in flared gill-plates, which provide subtle retrieve resistance to improve angler feel, range-keeping and roil the water to bring silicone skirts to life. Custom No. 3 willow blade adds flash and vibration, anchored via shape-memory titanium wire to compress out of the way of bites, improving hookup ratio. Tension-tuned weedguard deflects light vegetation without obstructing hard-won bites. 

Finished with a beefy Megabass original wide-gap hook with slick fluorine coating for superior hook penetration, carefully arranged silicone skirts and hand-tied double worm keepers to safely secure salt-rich offerings like the SPARK SHAD swimbait, the UOZE SWIMMER is ready to take your swim jig game to new heights. 

Japanese Toray 40T high modulus carbon fiber with MDML technology for a lighter, stronger and more sensitive blank. Blank exposed graphite reel seat, Ark Rods custom high-density EVA grip, black coated stainless micro guides system with aluminum oxide ring and zirconium tip top. Five-year limited warranty. 

The Reinforcer Series is the new flagship of ARK Rods. The top of line un-sanded rod blank is made of 46T HM carbon-fiber enhanced with carbon nano tube in between the carbon-fiber layers and constructed by our ARK high pressure carbon-fiber rolling technology. Not only you can see our logo through the whole blank but also it makes the rod incredible light, stronger and sensitive. It also come with Fuji PTS/TVS reel seat with soft touch layer, Titanium guides, Portugal AAAA grade cork handle and lifetime warranty.

The CD series crankbait made for medium diving applications.  The CD7 crankbait runs 7-9 feet, and has a tight wobble thanks to the bill design.  This crankbait is perfect for that early spring bite or anytime you are fishing for pressured bass in that mid-depth range. 12 Colors 

The traditional spybait has been downsized for ultra-finesse presentations.  Measuring 55mm and weighing 1/4-ounce with sticky sharp VMC treble hooks and oversized props, the Shinobi Shad falls at approximately 1 foot per second with a subtle side-to-side shimmy.  On the retrieve the props create flash and will remain in the strike zone with a slow retrieve.  Crappie, bass, trout, and panfish won’t know what hit them! 10 Colors 

Innovative fluked “boot tail” design creates a kicking, swimming motion even at extremely slow trolling speed as low as 0.3 mph, and is able to maintain its action even up through high-speed pulling and casting applications.  2 inches long. 12 per pack 

A long-time hip pocket secret of grass flats fishermen in the deep south, the line-through method of rigging a traditional lipless crankbait serves two purposes. One, it helps the bait come quickly through cover, and two, prevents fighting fish from using the weight of the bait as leverage to throw your hook.  Comes packaged with 1 bait and a sticky sharp VMC treble hook on a split ring.  12 Colors  

Unique shaft mounted spinner gives the ability to create flash in ultra slow presentations never before possible with conventional spinner style crappie heads.   

The Batson Jaguar Design team has been working for the last 18 months on developing this new line of RainShadow rod blanks for the bass fishing industry. Manufactured here in the United States, these blanks utilize proprietary RX8 carbon fiber pre-preg which features ultra-high modulus Toray carbon, a super lightweight scrim and a new optimized resin system developed specifically for fishing rod blanks. 

The intention of this new reel series is to reinvent what an affordable rod and reel can be. The EC2.5 series is high-performing and is built to withstand long-term heavy use.

The EC2.5 Baitcaster comes in two gear ratio options with a magnetic brake system, durable brass gears, and a carbon disc drag system all designed to aid in long term reliability. The graphite frame and side plates reduce weight and the aluminum oxide insert on the line guide creates a smooth retrieve. 

The “2.5″ is a callback to 1925, the year Eagle Claw was formed while also nodding to the nomenclature common in the tech industry describing evolutions in product. 

The Lazer Sharp LEEJ Eagle Eye Jigs utilize the newly announced American Made Lazer Sharp LV570 Pro-V jig hooks with lead “Aspirin-style” jig heads. These American made fish hooks feature cold forged steel, a light wire design, non-offset profile, and a straight point. A standout feature of the LEEJ Eagle Eye Jigs is the Pro-V bend which in conjunction with the “Aspirin-style” head offers anglers a more streamlined profile when falling through the water column.

The EC2.5 Spinning Reel is high-performing and is built to withstand long-term heavy use. EC2.5 spinning reels are available in sizes 10 with 8+1 bb, and 20-40 with 9+1 bb. The spinning reels also feature lightweight graphite bodies and an aluminum spool while internal brass gears and a carbon disc drag system also create a reel designed for consistency and reliability. 

Pro-V Finesse jigs will be available under Lazer Sharp® (LNJ) and Trokar® (TKNJ), each available through retailers nationwide. Equipped with lead (Lazer Sharp) or tungsten (Trokar) heads in a variety of size and color options, the Pro-V Finesse jigs offer a new benchmark for Ned-style rigging.

The molded keeper and Pro-V bend work in conjunction to keep baits in place. In addition, the Pro-V bend is stronger than comparable round bend hooks. Both Lazer Sharp and Trokar iterations are available in a weedless version with a wire weed guard (LNJW, TKNJW). Moreover, American made fish hooks featuring either Lazer Sharp’s patented needlepoint technology or Eagle Claw’s sharpest hook point in Trokar’s patented triple sided point ensure effective hooksets, no matter the target species.

Available through retailers nationwide now, the TK137 comes in both standard (TK137) and weedless versions (TK137W).  These hooks are meticulously designed to be the ultimate tool in finesse fishing. Featuring Trokar’s patented Surgically Sharpened Technology™ in the hook point ensures faster, deeper penetration with less required pressure for hookset. The Pro-V bend offers a variety of benefits including: holding soft plastics in place when wacky or neko-style fishing, increasing the holding power of the hook by funneling the fish to the deepest point on the hook throat and keeping it there after hook set, and offering increased strength over similar round bend hooks.

The intention of this rod series is to reinvent what an affordable rod and reel can be. The rods consist of high end, quality components such as: a 24 ton graphite blank, premium Seaguide guides designed to reduce tangling, and a modern non-reflective midnight black finish. 

Available in a wide array of sizes and actions, the EC2.5 series is appropriate for a multitude of target species. The “2.5″ is a callback to 1925, the year Eagle Claw was formed while also nodding to the nomenclature common in the tech industry describing evolutions in product.

Stamping its place as the elite freshwater reel in 13 Fishing lineup, the Concept BOSS arrogantly delivers ultimate performance with no apologies. This reel can “send it” with CZB Comp spool bearings and a high spin spool shaft. Proven H.A.M. high tensile strength brass gearing leads an endless cast of features that include 13 Fishing’s proprietary CZB Technology, Arrowhead line guide, beetle wing side plate, and 22-pound titanium drag system. Comes in 6.6:1 and 8:1 gear ratios.

Anglers who aren’t afraid to stand out will reach for the all new 13 Fishing Inception Sport Z. The Inception SZ packs technology and features never before offered at this price point. Enjoy more distance, and more durability than ever before. Second generation Japanese Hamai cut gearing, CZB Technology, an Arrowhead Line Guide, and our patented Beetle Wing Rapid Access side plate system lead the list of features that enhance the performance and feel of the Inception Sport Z. 

The Beatdown is a stubby finesse bait that will take Ned Rigging to new levels of effectiveness. This is a technique where the key is to do less and don’t overthink it. If you want to experience fast action and lots of bites, you need to let it do its thing on light line, usually 6- or 8-pound test.

It’s the perfect size…it’s durable, but it’s also still very soft, which means that it’s not as aggravating to put onto the jighead as some of the others. The Beatdown will pair nicely with a wide variety of heads.

The Z Swim features a paddle style tail and a ribbed body.  They are all made with the super salty plastic Zoom is famous for.

Whether you use it by itself, on an Alabama rig, or even as a trailer, versatility is the Z-Swim’s middle name.

Building off the success of the original Steel Shad, a staple blade bait among anglers all across the midwest, the new Elite Series Steel Shad features a lead free design with new colors and better components for the demands of the pros using these blade baits when money is on the line. 

Plano has reinvented the Stowaway with the launch of EDGE. At first glance, you’ll notice the clarity of the lid and the massive 1-handed latch. But diving deeper, you’ll see a long list of features that separate EDGE from the competition.

MotorGuide has announced the introduction of their new Tour Pro, the very first true cable steer motor with GPS anchor in the industry. The Tour Pro is built for tough conditions with a full 360-degree breakaway mount with integrated bounce buster and a rugged two-piece shaft with metal outer column and composite inner shaft. A no-flex metal foot pedal with premium grip tape provides solid steering and no-slip operation. Tour Pro models combine Pinpoint GPS, the most accurate GPS anchor available, with traditional pull-pull stainless steel cables for smooth responsive steering. 

The new motors will include MotorGuide’s Zero-G lift assist system, which requires half of the effort compared to the competition, as well as the new Katana propeller – a NASA inspired, Mercury designed two-blade weedless prop that delivers more power and up to 30% more battery efficiency than previous props. 

Both models also offer options for MotorGuide’s new HD+ universal sonar with both 83/200 kHz traditional 2D views and 455/800 kHz high-definition views compatible with most major fishfinder brands. 

Tour and Tour Pro will be offered in 82 or 109-pound thrust models, at either 24 or 36 volts with 45-inch shafts. Tour and Tour Pro will be available for consumers to purchase by January 2020.  

The MotorGuide Tour has been redesigned from prop to pedal to be a high performance trolling motor with a lot of durability and features for the everyday angler. 

The Tour is built with a full 360-degree breakaway mount with integrated bounce buster and a rugged two-piece shaft with metal outer column and composite inner shaft. A no-flex metal foot pedal with premium grip tape provides solid steering and no-slip operation. 

The new motors will include MotorGuide’s Zero-G lift assist system, which requires half of the effort compared to the competition, as well as the new Katana propeller – a NASA inspired, Mercury designed two-blade weedless prop that delivers more power and up to 30% more battery efficiency than previous props. 

Both models also offer options for MotorGuide’s new HD+ universal sonar with both 83/200 kHz traditional 2D views and 455/800 kHz high-definition views compatible with most major fishfinder brands. With a 2D and high definition transducer integrated directly into the motor, MotorGuide has eliminated the need for additional trolling motor cabling.

The MotorGuide Tour will be offered in 82 or 109-pound thrust models, at either 24 or 36 volts with 45-inch shafts and will be available for consumers to purchase by January 2020.  

MotorGuide’s new Katana 2-blade weedless propeller has been engineered to perfectly balance power with efficiency. Designed with NASA design hydrofoil shape and industry leading Mercury Outboard Propeller technology to create the most powerful and efficient trolling motor propeller on the market.

Katana offers more power and up to 30% more efficiency on your battery compared to previous props. Katana’s weedless design sheds weeds with ease and excels in current, shallow and open water to enhance your motor’s all-around performance in any application.

Lure Lock’s new 4-inch deep box, the 4-in-1 box, offers a unique divider system allowing angler’s to customize their box from 1 to 24 compartments, or remove all the dividers all together and use the two, one-inch trays for three levels of tackle organization.  

Made of 100% Polypropylene for enhanced durability, the deep box from Lure Lock features patented Tak Logic technology which is scent free, easy to clean and environmentally safe. 

AutoChart Live Ice gives ice anglers more mapping power than ever before by allowing anglers to create custom contour maps on the ice, for the first time ever, eliminating the guesswork of finding a fishing spot on lakes without depth contour maps. This new AutoChart Live Ice technology will be available on all new ICE HELIX CHIRP GPS and ICE HELIX CHIRP GPS All Season models.

Mega 360 Imaging is the only sonar option that gives a high-resolution 360-degree view around the boat and is integrated to allow full use of the trolling motor. MEGA Imaging provides clearer, sharper underwater views, making fish more identifiable, and fish holding to structure. The MEGA 360 Imaging transducer mounts independently to the trolling motor, keeping a constant orientation and imaging in a 360-degree circle out to 125 feet. A key benefit to MEGA 360 is its ability to provide full use of the trolling motor, so anglers can utilize Spot-Lock and other important Minn Kota features without impacting their ability to use 360-degree sonar.

Cannon Optimum Downrigger brings the One-Boat Network to life in trolling applications and fully integrates with Humminbird fish finders, Fish Hawk electronics, a new mobile app and other Optimum downriggers wirelessly. The Optimum Downrigger boasts a full-color 3.5-inch display. Whether on wirelessly connected Humminbird units, on the downrigger itself or through the Cannon mobile app anglers can raise, lower and set trolling depths for the downrigger weights through the easy-to-use menu. The potential of the One-Boat Network is fully realized in this new system, where all downrigger data can be read and downriggers can be controlled from any connected Humminbird unit in the boat. The fact that these connections are all wireless makes installation easy. 

Offering the simplicity and utility of a classic solo canoe with the agility and sleek handling of a kayak, the Discovery 119 Solo Sportsman hybrid canoe is a stable, lightweight boat that is easy to handle on and off the water. New and unique features include tackle and rod storage, comfortable seating and an accessory track all with the iconic hull durability that is the hallmark of the Discovery series. 

The award-winning Predator PDL gets you to your favorite fishing spot fast and keeps you there without paddling. With forward, reverse, maneuverability and stability, you’ll experience precise boat control while your hands remain free to focus on fishing. The removable pedal drive installs in seconds and tips up instantly for shallow-water docking.

The Topwater PDL, now available in two distinct sizes, offers big fishing performance in a compact, hands-free, easy to maneuver size. Equipped with the PDL drive backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty, your hands are free to focus on fighting the fish. Additional features include ultra-stable DoubleU hull, thoughtful on-board tackle and rod storage and a universal transducer mount. 

Ideal for those tough conditions when you need a smaller presentation to trigger bites, the Lunkerhunt Finesse Craw will catch fish when nothing else can. Molded with an ultra compact profile, the Lunkerhunt Finesse Craw features lifelike appendages that produce a very subtle action, which is perfect for tempting lethargic and pressured fish into biting. 

Ready to fish right out of the package, the Lunkerhunt Finesse Swimbait Combo provides a deadly presentation that catches fish 365 days a year. Molded with a baitfish body shape and large paddle tail, the Lunkerhunt Finesse Swimbait Combo generates an alluring swimming action that no fish can resist. It also comes pre-rigged on a weedless mushroom style jighead, which helps maintain a perfectly balanced swimming action no matter what speed it is retrieved. The dual wire weedguard allows it to navigate over rocks, logs, and dock cables without getting snagged as well. 

When the fishing is tough and you need to put fish in the boat try the Lunkerhunt Finesse Worm Combo. Offering anglers a compact profile and a subtle action, the Lunkerhunt Finesse Worm Combo features a straight tail design with a flat bottom, which creates a natural gliding action that triggers bites from hard to catch fish. Ready to fish right out of the package, the Lunkerhunt Finesse Worm Combo also comes pre-rigged on a mushroom style head that navigates over all types of terrain, giving anglers maximum versatility. Dual wire weedgurads protect the razor-sharp hook point from snagging while going in and out of heavy cover as well. 

Designed for instant, no-hassle access to your gear, the Lunkerhunt LTS Backpack is the perfect way to keep your fishing tackle organized and while staying mobile. Made from a super durable TPE-coated waterproof fabric, the Lunkerhunt LTS Backpack features a zipperless construction with multiple splash-proof fast-entry openings to eliminate the frustrations of broken and corroded zippers. 

The Lunkerhunt Hollow Body Phantom Spider 2.25″ is great for the warmer months when more spiders are out patrolling near shallow water looking for food, making them an easy target for big fish. Offered in a selection of colors that imitate the most common spider species, the Lunkerhunt Hollow Body Phantom Spider 2.25″ shows the fish something different to help you catch more and bigger fish. 

Weighing in at 4.9 ounces, the new Custom Lite SLP is the lightest reel ever produced by Lew’s. Features a TansoTech carbon fiber frame and a titanium, aircraft-grade Duralumin 30mm spool picking up 28 inches of line per handle turn. It has an 11-bearing system matched with an externally adjustable 6-pin, 27-position QuietCast Adjustable Centrifugal Braking System. 

Built to handle the big baits, heavy line, and monster fish, the Lew’s SuperDuty GX3 Casting Reels provide tough-as-nails performance that accommodates heavy-duty tactics. Made using a strong and lightweight graphite frame and side plate, the Lew’s SuperDuty GX3 Casting Reel features a premium 5-bearing system with stainless-steel double-shielded bearings that promote seamless performance. Highlighted by ZRXtra, the Lew’s SuperDUty GX3 Casting Reel uses both a zero-reverse and back-up multi-stop gear for rock-solid rigidity.

With the P2 Super Pinion, the Tournament MP has precise alignment and stability in the pinion gear through a bearing support system. This allows much better gear mesh which results in smoother operation and extended gear life. Also features a premium 10-bearing system and externally adjustable Multi-Setting Brake (MSB) dual cast control system. 

One-piece lightweight SLP graphite frame and side plates, three drain ports, high strength solid brass Speed Gears, 4+1 bearing system and externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS).  

-Premium 10-bearing system-Aluminum body and side plate-C40 carbon skeletal speed rotor-S-curve oscillation system-Lightweight anodized aluminum spool-Solid brass Speed Gears-Stainless-steel main shaft-External stainless-steel screws-Braid-ready knurled spool-Duramax drag system-Aluminum handle with Winn dri-tac paddle knob-Speed Lube for exceptional smoothness-Right or left-hand retrieve

-Rugged, lightweight graphite body-8 bearing system (7+1)-Zero reverse one-way clutch bearing-Skeletal graphite rotor-Anodized aluminum spool- Aluminum handle with Combat Grip-Right or left hand retrieve- Stainless-steel bail-Solid brass Speed Gears-Multi-disc drag system-Speed Lube

A double anodized ported aluminum spool keeps weight down, a 10-bearing system with an oversized multi-disc drag system creates ultra-smooth performance while reeling or letting out drag. Speed lube treatment throughout provides exceptional smoothness and high performance in all weather conditions. Offered in sizes 10 through 40. 

New G-Clutch reel seat with Midas Touch technology that allows direct contact with the HM60 blank, meaning zero barriers between the angler and the blank. Fuji Concept O guides, stainless steel corrosion resistant hook keeper and split-grip EVA handles with duracork inlays. Offered in 21 casting and 7 spinning models. 

Premium IM8 graphite blanks, rugged stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts and eye-catching green swirl Dri-Tac advanced polymer grips. 

G Clutch reel seats with Midas Touch provide direct contact with the blank for direct sensitivity at all times, and also put the reel closer to the blank for a more compact profile and better balance. The new ComfortTouch grip for spinning rods is teamed with Winn Dri-Tac palming material for etreme comfort and front forgegrip for leverage and control while fighting fish. 

Offering contemporary styling and dependable performance at a great price, the Lew’s Mach Casting Rods will undoubtedly become a favorite among budget-conscious anglers. Built upon super-tough, IM7 graphite blanks with nano technology, the Lew’s Mach Casting Rods are incredibly lightweight and provide the perfect blend of power and responsiveness.

Equipped with quality components from end to end, the Lew’s Mach Casting Rods feature rugged stainless-steel guide frames with aluminum oxide inserts that promote long-lasting durability. Complete with Winndri-tac grips that provide superior traction, even when wet, the Lew’s Mach Casting Rods represent an outstanding value that anglers at all levels can appreciate.

In addition to bass models, the new Lew’s Speed Stick series offers a wide selection of lengths and actions specifically designed for walleye, trout and panfish. Anglers will enjoy premium IM8 graphite blanks, Lew’s exclusive skeletal reel seats and Fuji Concept O guides. Full length cork grips and foregrips with Duracork inlay can be found in each model. Offered in 8 bass casting, 4 bass spinning, 8 trout/panfish spinning, 1 walleye casting, 5 walleye spinning and 4 walleye trolling models. 

The Mach Smash SLP Baitcast Reel features a one-piece lightweight graphite frame with 3 drain ports, high strength solid brass Speed Gears, 8 bearings, a 32mm spool and a 95mm handle with Lew’s Combat Grip paddle knobs for control. The Mach Smash rod features a new, thinner diameter blank which decreases weight and bulk. Premium IM6 high-modulus graphite blank, Lew’s exclusive skeletal reel seat and Winn Dri-Tac grip with EVA butt section make this rod both sensitive and comfortable. 

This combo features the popular speed spool LFS baitcast reel. A one-piece aluminum frame, 34mm spook, externally adjustable Magnetic Control System (MCS), bowed 95mm handle with Lew’s SoftTouch paddle knobs and a premium 10-bearing system. Matched with a premium HM30 high modulus graphite Speed Stick. 

Premium IM6 blanks, skeletal reel seats, EVA grips and stainless steel guides and inserts. The reels feature smooth drag systems, Combat Grip thumb bars and paddle knows and are treated internally with Speed Lube for exceptional smoothness and uninterrupted performance in all weather conditions. 

Five 3700 boxes fit in the main zipper compartment while the outside fwatures four rubber mesh pouches, a plier holder and a “juice pouch” for dye, sunscreen or bug spray. A sunglass case is incorporated into the front side to store and protect sunglasses when not in use. The side pockets feature a line spooling grommet for on-the-water line changes. 

600D polyester with Honeycomb ripstop panels with EVA wall construction. A rubberized, textured base keeps the pack stable and 7 compartments and 5 rubber mesh pouches provide ample storage opportunities for tools and baits. The main compartment holds five 3700-style boxes. 

Specifically designed for centrifugal braking systems, the Lew’s Speed Brake Centrifugal Brake Cleaner and Lube is a proprietary blend of custom base oils and synthetic esters manufactured by Lucas Oil Products to keep your internal brake system clean and properly functioning. It also won’t leave any sticky or tacky residues behind that will affect the performance of your reel. Keep your reel performing at top level with the Lew’s Speed Brake Centrifugal Brake Cleaner and Lube.

Manufactured by Lucas Oil Products, the Lew’s Speed Cast Line Treatment and Conditioner is designed to increase your line’s casting distance and service life. Made from an environmentally friendly H20 based formula, the Lew’s Speed Cast Line Treatment and Conditioner features special additives that coat and protect your line, as well as, your rod guides to minimize friction to maximize line speed during the cast. It also cleans your line to ensure peak performance and to increase its lifespan. Take your line’s performance to the next level with Lew’s Speed Cast Line Treatment and Conditioner. 

Formulated specifically for fishing reels, the Lew’s Speed Cleanz Reel Cleaner was developed in collaboration between Lew’s and Lucas Oil Products to create the most effective reel cleaner on the market. Made from high quality gentle solvents, the Lew’s Speed Cleanz Reel Cleaner effectively cleans and degreases fishing reels without harsh evaporates. It will also not attack common plastics and damage any other components on your reel. Perfect for general maintenance and full rebuilds, the Lew’s Speed Cleanz Reel Cleaner is the most effective way to clean old and dirty fishing reels. 

Custom blended for the precision gears in baitcasting reels, the Lew’s Super Duty Casting Reel Grease was formulated by the engineers at Lucas Oil Products to ensure your baitcasting reels deliver optimal performance. Made from the highest quality base oil, the Lew’s Super Duty Casting Reel Grease features a temperature resistant formulation with special extreme pressure additives engineered to deliver dependable lubrication. Perfect for periodical maintenance or a full reel overhaul, the Lew’s Super Duty Casting Reel Grease will make your reel perform better than ever. 

Offering a premium blend of petroleum and synthetic base oils, the Lew’s Super Duty Reel Oil is a multi-purpose oil that protects and keeps your reels running at optimal levels. Manufactured by Lucas Oil Products, the Lew’s Super Duty Reel Oil lubricates reel bearings, bushings, and shafts. It also seals out moisture and deters corrosion to increase the lifespan of your reel. Make sure your reels are delivering peak performance with Lew’s Super Duty Reel Oil.

Custom blended for spinning reels, the Lew’s Super Duty Spinning Reel Grease was developed in collaboration between Lew’s and Lucas Oil Products to create a high quality all purpose grease for spinning reels. Made from proprietary materials, the Lew’s Super Duty Spinning Reel Grease is fortified with anti-wear and corrosion inhibitors to maximize performance in harsh conditions. It also provides excellent water washout resistance, which allows for gears to run smoother, quieter, and last longer. Keeps your spinning reels performing at the highest level with Lew’s Super Duty Spinning Reel Grease. 

As a high-speed reel bearing lubricant, each bottle contains 1 ounce of custom formulated synthetic-based oils that are formulated specifically for today’s high-performance baitcast reels. 

The 2.5 Wake is built off of the popular KVD 2.5 squarebill design. The difference is the unique bill design that’s angled so the bait wakes the surface of the water instead of diving. It can be fished both fast and slow without blowing out. An internal rattle creates a unique clacking sound. It comes in 12 colors. 

Designed to have a more aggressive action than traditional Ned rig offerings, the Rage Ned Bug comes in 15 colors. 

Designed to quickly and efficiently penetrate thick cover without sacrificing action. Comes in 6 colors. 

All premium components and the blade shape, skirt count, hook size and style and color options were all meticulously tested. Comes in 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4-ounce sizes and available in 10 colors. 

4 inches in length with a thick body that comes in 12 colors. It offers the same action and value as the entire Rage family of baits. 

2 inches long with a solid body and twin wedge tails. The Snap Jack is designed for trolling, casting and vertical jigging. Comes in 15 per pack in 10 colors. 

Comes with a wide-gap, chemically sharpened 2/0 black nickel hook and durable finish. Perfectly fitted for the 2.75 and 3.25 Rage Swimmer, along with with 3.5 Shadalicious. Available in 1/8, 3/16 and 5/16-ounce sizes and comes in 7 colors. 

2 3/4 inches long and is part of the KVD Perfect Plastics family of soft baits. It will be offered in 7 colors. 

Featured a fully sealed nose to minimize water entry, a strong double hook and easily collapsible hollow body for better hookups. The rear of the frog has a self-draining channel to prevent having to squeeze out water. 

Easy to walk and cast, the new Hard Knock has a much different sound than the original KVD Sexy Dawg. It comes in 13 colors. 

Unique shape almost causes it to back up on the fall. It comes with a Mustad Triple Grip Treble Hook and a crane swivel to keep line twist to a minimum. Comes in 6 colors.

The new S11 Optics Clinch frame will be available in Matte Black or Crystal Concrete, paired with Yellow Silver Mirror, Green Mirror Amber or White Blue Mirror Lenses. 

New Tour Grade Line will be offered in fluorocarbon, braid and monofilament. Fluorocarbon and monofilament will come in both 200 and 600-yard spools ranging from 6 to 25-pound test. Braid will come in green and hi-vis yellow in 150 and 600-yard spools ranging from 8 to 80-pound test. 

The Ned Jig Head comes with a light wire No. 2 sickle-style hook and bait keeper from Eagle Claw. It comes in 1/16, 3/16 and 1/8-ounce sizes in both green pumpkin and black. 

The new M.I.T. 70 provides 15Lbs of buoyancy when inflated in a Harmonized level 70 PFD that Utilizes Mustang Survival’s exclusive Membrane Inflatable Technology (M.I.T). The outer shell is produced in a high tenacity nylon to increase strength and abrasion resistance, while still providing a soft hand and feel to the wearer. The result is a light weight, flexible fit, that provides the user with all-day comfort to chase the feeling of freedom that being on the water can bring.

The bag is fully waterproof with an interior roll-top closure and an easy to open and access drawstring exterior. The roll top closure ensures the main compartment stays completely dry (roll x4 for watertight seal), when in the boat or lashed to a kayak or paddle board for the day. The added drawstring top allows easy access to items that don’t need to be protected from the water and allows users to separate any wet items from dry during the trip.

Compact and discrete, these PFD’s provide 38lbs of buoyancy when inflated and are a must have if you don’t want to wear a vest but the possibility of entering the water is probable.

These new additions to the popular Daiwa Tatula line of baitcasters were specifically engineered for pitching and flipping and handling the torque of big bass in heavy cover with added durability for a long life of hand to hand combat in the bush. 

A unique castable small flat-side crankbait with circuit-board lip for longer life and better reaction off cover in colder water and pressure fish.

Unique foam hook stabilizing system in this solid per bait slotted trays with ultra clear leads, hard shell and individual lure slots for each bait. And each tray is labeled already for you. 

These poles will be sold in a small number in chrome as a collectors edition of Power-Poles to celebrate their 20th Anniversary. 

With Power-Pole CHARGE you can run your trolling motor and your accessories without worrying about your battery levels. CHARGE does the work of a traditional battery charger, plus an emergency start system all in one compact unit. The system monitors your power use and puts power in the appropriate batteries where you need it – no other battery charger system can do that.

The next evolution of the vibrating jig craze, this revolutionary new design features a reversed blade with a specialized blade pivot system that creates a highly erratic action and a bubble trail that drives predator fish wild. The patented connection from blade to head gives the bait an awesome side-to-side searching action. With a double plastic keeper collar and an exclusive TitanX spinnerbait hook, premium skirts, weedless hook protector and Mustad’s new mean eye design, the Skatter Shad is sure to set a new standard in the market.

Mustad continues it’s Best in Bass offering for competitive & recreational bass anglers with the introduction of the Tungsten TitanX weight lineup. The assortment is highlighted by styles including a Neko Screw Weight, Flipping Weight, Worm Weight, Skinny Dropshot & Carolina Weight. Each style offers leading tungsten quality & Mustad’s TitanX finish which offers long-lasting, corrosion resistant durability. Each range varies based on technique, & covers weights in the range of 1/16 to 2 ounces.

Mustad’s popular shad darter-style head with a built-in underpin is a versatile, clear water fish catcher. Features a highly detailed fit and finish with nickel-coated blades and a customized “mean eye” design. The precise ball bearing swivel maximizes underwater action and the double bait keeper ensures your plastics stay where they belong.

Mustad’s Hero Pliers are built for avid anglers. Constructed with 420 Grade Stainless Steel, these seven-inch pliers boast a high chromium content and a nickel finish. These aspects prevent corrosion and rust over a longer period of time than average stainless steel pliers. Golf grip handles add extra comfort to the ergonomic design. For ease of use, these pliers are spring-loaded. The pliers also feature a strong tungsten cutter for cutting line.

Mustad unveils its Black Line of tools with top-of-the-line titanium pliers built for rough use. Designed with toughness & comfort in mind, these pliers are built with high-quality titanium in an ergonomic design. Carbon inserts within the handle support the heavy-duty construction for an even stronger bite. On the side, you’ll find a scissor-style clipper designed to cut lines without switching tools. When in waiting, these pliers rest in a leather sheath easily attached to a belt.

The Mustad 7.5″ Heavy Duty Aluminum Plier joins the ranks of proven tools to assist anglers. CNC machined aluminum construction, stainless steel jaws, tungsten carbide cutters, and a durable spring loaded handle makes the 7.5″ Heavy Duty plier capable of withstanding any torture test. Each pair utilizes a black teflon finish for long lasting corrosion resistance, even in frequent exposure to saltwater.

New Mustad Solar apparel lineup has got men and women covered for long days on the water in the heat. Solar performance with cool-wicking capability, this performance technical line features UPF 50+ solar protection. Utilizing a blend of Repreve fabric, Mustad commits to tackling sustainability at every opportunity while not sacrificing any performance or comfort. Every garment is made from recycled water bottles contributing to cleaning up the environment critical to our impassioned pursuits.

The prop walker is a hybrid between a pencil popper and a surface prop bait.  It has two PVC blades that are snapped into the body.  In this form the prop walker is a high-performance pencil popper that allows you to work the lure in a variety of ways.  It walks in place equally as well as it covers water with a faster reel retrieve.  The walking action is effortless and will be something a novice or experienced angler can utilize with ease.

The durable PVC blades snap out of the body with ease and switch the function of the lure to a surface prop bait with an extremely unique sound and action.  The dual blades help balance the lure when retrieved which minimizes body rotation and allows it to sit straight in the water.  Also, the light weight of the two smaller blades allow the lure to function with much slower retrieves than what is possible with traditional topwater prop baits.

The Prop Walker casts extremely well with its large weight transfer system.  Also, the blades fold in towards the body on a cast increasing the aerodynamics of the lure.

The key to this hook’s amazingly high success rate is found in the innovative eye. Traditional hook design finds the eye formed from a continuation of the actual hook material; but Savage Gear creates its durable and flexible eye from 120-pound braid linked to the hook with an epoxy coating. The result is a hook that spins freely on the lure to absorb all the fight a fish can muster. Without twisting and popping the hook loose like traditional trebles

From bass to redfish, Northern pike to speckled trout, many predators rely on some blend of vision and smell to locate prey; but across the board, vibration and water displacement play a significant role in forage location. Savage Gear capitalizes on these predatory instincts with the new family of Pulse Tail soft plastic baits.

Each Pulse Tail Bluegill is available in two primary styles: a Loose Body (LB) with a rapid interchange hook system and a custom heavy duty EWG Hook and a Ready to Fish (RTF) version that’s perfectly fitted with a custom heavy duty  hook. The RTF models also include integrated rattles and lead harnesses. 

Topwater anglers rejoice; Savage Gear’s new Dual Chamber (DC) series has effectively addressed the fundamental challenge facing hollow body surface baits: water intrusion.

The basic design of a hollow body topwater bait finds a double hook extending from an underside opening, which creates a small path for water to reach the bait’s interior. Recognizing this vulnerability, Savage Gear designed the DC baits with a lower chamber for the hook and an independently sealed upper chamber that minimizes water intrusion and keeps the bait performing as it should.

From bass to redfish, Northern pike to speckled trout, many predators rely on some blend of vision and smell to locate prey; but across the board, vibration and water displacement play a significant role in forage location. Savage Gear capitalizes on these predatory instincts with the new family of Pulse Tail soft plastic baits.

From bass to redfish, Northern pike to speckled trout, many predators rely on some blend of vision and smell to locate prey; but across the board, vibration and water displacement play a significant role in forage location. Savage Gear capitalizes on these predatory instincts with the new family of Pulse Tail soft plastic baits.

Pulse Tail Shiner are also available in Line Through (LT) models that allow anglers to add their choice of treble hooks.

The basic design of a hollow body topwater bait finds a double hook extending from an underside opening, which creates a small path for water to reach the bait’s interior. Recognizing this vulnerability, Savage Gear designed the DC baits with a lower chamber for the hook and an independently sealed upper chamber that minimizes water intrusion and keeps the bait performing as it should.

The innovative DC line includes a traditional frog, the DC Walker and a bream imitator aptly named the DC Slide Gill. The former measures 2 5/8 inches and comes in six enticing colors, each with a $11.99 MSRP. Throw this bait deep into the cover of grass mats, pad fields or bank grass, skip it into shady pockets and walk it along a dock’s perimeter. 

Slide your line through the spoon and out the end and tie it off to a 4x hook. The Line-Thru Baitfish Spoon can be cast or jigged without worry of line twist. It comes in 1/2 and 3/4 ounce sizes for $8.49 and $9.49 respectively. 

Lightweight and breathable thanks to its fast-drying 4-way Stretch Fabric, Fish Monkey Free Style Custom Fit Gloves have Velcro wrist enclosures for a tight, snug fit. Available in stores now, they come in sizes Medium to 2XL with an MSRP of $35.95

The Revo EXD reel has advanced design features to get the most out of your casting distance. Featuring 9 stainless steel HPCR bearings, 2 EXD bearings on the spool shaft and a lightweight duraluminum spool the Revo EXD was built for extreme casting performance. The fine tune magnetic break and additional finesse spool allow the angler to have precise control over a wide range of lures and weights. 

These LP combos are packed with iconic Abu Garcia features including the five stainless steel HPCRTM bearings + 1 roller bearing, Power DiskTM drag system and Winn® grips. The SP combos feature 6 bearings + 1 roller bearing, the EverlastTM bail system and custom Winn Grips.

A take on a classic bait design with legendary crankbait angler David Fritts. The Berkley Frittside crankbait features the same proven action that won David the Bassmaster Classic. With proven balsa actions and the durability and casting performance of a plastic bait, the Frittside is a key bait for tough conditions when fish are sluggish or heavily pressured. Balanced weight design for improved tracking accuracy and a weighted bill on the 7 and 9 models to get deep fast. Available in 3 sizes. 

Designed by two-time Bassmaster Classic winner Jordan Lee, the Berkley PowerBait The Champ Minnow features a lifelike profile and new HD Tru color technology to deliver an ultra-realistic bait. It’s anatomically correct tail mimics live baitfish. The body shape is ideal for drop shot rigs and jig heads. The Champ Minnow also features the exclusive PowerBait formula. 

The Champ Craw features a lifelike profile with large claws that float for a lifelike action, and the new HD Tru Color technology mimics real bait.

Has high action pinchers that create more strikes. Its crazy legs create additional action on the fall and respond to fast or slow movement making it perfect for dead sticking, available in seven colors.

This tapered flute tail bait twitches and moves with the most subtle movements is designed by pro angler Mike Iaconelli. It features a blunt head and integrated location for inserting weights and stops the bottom when hopping on a Neko rig and comes in 12 colors.

With its large thumping paddle tail to displace more water, lifelike profile and HD Tru Color technology, this bait is great for hiding hook points and weldless rigging. 

Designed by Mike Iaconelli, the Water Bug has small arms to add subtle quivering actions paired with a scooped tall to catch more water finesse causing a subtle wave action. The Water Bug works well rigged for drop shots, Ned rig on a jig head or on a micro skirted jig and comes in 12 colors.

The Berkley Fusion19 Snap Jig is a versatile action jig head that pairs with your favorite soft plastics. The Snap Jig can be fished vertically over structure, for suspended fish in open water, or through the ice. Fish them cast and retrieve for side to side and backward and forward dynamic darting action. Features an extended conical bait keeper to secure soft plastics, a utility eye for stinger hooks or spinner blades, and Fusion19 hooks. Sizes from 3/16 to 3/4-ounce and hooks from 1/0 to 6/0. 

The lightest Ugly Stik ever! Introducing the NEW Ugly Stik Carbon series featuring 100% graphite for a lightweight rod, crisp actions, and increased sensitivity while maintaining the legendary toughness you’ve come to expect from Ugly Stik. Ugly Stik Carbon rods are an average of 37% stronger than traditional cut and roll construction graphite rods. 

Kids will love the Shakespeare Catch A Monster series with bright, bold colors in a fun and exciting theme including four unique monster and color combinations. The series includes spincast combos, play boxes, and nets – everything a young child needs to go out and have a fishing adventure. Spincast combos are 2’6″ long, pre-spooled with monofilament line, and come with a practice casting minnow. 

Designed for lady anglers demanding a frame that couples elegance and performance, WaterWoman features beautifully angled temples, CAM-action hinges and color-contrasting Hydrolite accents throughout. Available in four new frame colors – matte shadow tortoise, shiny palm tortoise, shiny wahoo and shiny blond crystal – the new frame style offers elegance coupled with performance for days on the water. 

Offering a sleek, stylish design, the new Spearo is named for spearfishermen, the lightweight, yet sturdy, bio-resin frame boasts vented nonslip nose pads, nonslip and keeper-ready temple tips, and Costa’s integral hinge and CAM system construction for added comfort and durability. Available in four frame colors and with a variety of Costa’s seven lens colors in its proprietary 580 lens technology.

The rugged Bass Mafia Ice Box delivers the same tough-as-nails design as Bass Mafia’s Coffin Series, but in a clear option. The see-through construction makes it easy to identify contents instantly. Included with 36 individual prepopulated compartments that allow endless adjustability, the Bass Mafia Ice Box makes it easy to organize tackle. Virtually indestructible, the Bass Mafia Ice Box combines Bass Mafia’s passion for tough design with a clear construction for the ultimate in convenience and performance.

The new and improved Bass Mafia’s Bait Casket 2.0 Utility Boxes are now 20% thicker and with a stronger latching system than the original Casket Series to provide rugged storage solutions to all your fishing tackle needs. The new O-ring gasket ensures a watertight seal to keep moisture out and protect your gear from the elements.

The Bud Binder Bag is in its own new tackle storage category. Extremely versatile secure storage for everything from hooks to frogs to spinner baits, buzz baits to jigs. Designed by Family Member Justin Lucas, this bag can do it all. Includes 5 internal pages that are constructed from the same incredibly strong proprietary material as our ever popular Money Bags.

Yo-Zuri has redesigned and listened to our Prostaff input to produce a smaller, better squarebill crankbait. The Crank 1.5 squarebill is a 1/2-ounce bait that is the perfect size to mimic forage in your local lake, pond, or river. It maintains great buoyancy allowing anglers to bump over laydowns, run over rocks, and be effective in every situation an angler wants to target. 

The “red” eyes are an indication of a distressed baitfish on which big bass key in creating a predatory strike response. All baits in this series feature Yo-Zuri’s exclusive “Wave Motion Technology” that sends vibrations throughout the water column. 

The wobbling-rolling action of the 3DB Crank 1.5 MR hunts fish utilizing the patented 3D Prism Finish and Wave Motion Technology. The large round buoyant bodies and lip designs help you crank & bump over structure and eliminate snags. The New 3DB Crank 1.5 MR crankbait is now available in prism and internal painted finishes to match all manner of freshwater gamefish. 

Yo-Zuri is proud to release the big brother of the R1100 series Pencil with the NEW 5″ version. Anglers have been demanding a bigger version pencil to mimic larger baitfish and to give aggressive fish a larger profile. It features a loud one-knocking sound chamber and includes three treble hooks to increase landing ratio. 

It is designed to maintain maximum buoyancy on the water’s surface, creating an irresistible walk-the-dog action. Available in a painted and prism finish. 

Yo-Zuri’s Rattl’n Vibe Series™ has been a top seller worldwide for over 20 years.  One of the origianl “vibe” style baits, the Rattl’n Vibe is considered to the premier search bait.  The specially designed proprietary rattle chamber, with belly and face weights, produces a high pitched rattle and vibration like no other bait on the market.

Part bug bait, part craw, this new soft plastic has lots of natural and finesse appeal. Appendages that move with the slightest movement. Comes 8 to a pack and is 4-inches long.

This is a new size to the lineup of reversible lure boxes from DUO Realis. The 120 Lure Box offers double sided storage with 6 slots on each side to hold 12 baits in a single slot or double up to hold 24 baits in a box that is smaller than 5x8x1 1/2 inches in size.

Built with a beefier profile to look more like a shad or thicker minnow. It weighs 1/2 ounce and measures just a mere 2 7/8 inches. It’s made to fish in deeper water and also in current conditions opening up the world of spybaiting to a lot more fishing scenarios. 

Missile Baits has added six new tail colors to their popular Neb Bomb. This soft-plastic ribbed bait measures 3 1/4 inches and has a beaver-shaped tail. It comes in 16 total color options. The Ned Bomb comes in a 10-count bag. 

The Bill Lewis Mark Daniels Jr. Signature Series SB-57 Squarebill is 3/8 ounce and 2 1/4 inches long. It’s a small bait that packs a big fish catching punch as Mark Daniels proved recently in the final Bass Pro Tour event in Wisconsin. The SB-57 is made with a unique Honeycomb Wall Construction (HWC) that offers a 25% thinner body wall but with reinforced durability for more natural fluttering in the water. The circuit board lip and perfectly balanced buoyancy with premium Mustad Triple Grips make this is a must have bait at this price point.

Featuring a Kryptek Neptune Frame with rubber grips on the temples for ultimate grip, the curved temple system of the WileyX Compass provides secure comfort that allows you to move quickly without compromising the safety WileyX provides in eyewear. 

The Compass features ANSI Z87.1 protection, EN.166F lenses that can withstand a 6mm ball at 163 kmh, facial cavity seals to block out wind and peripheral light, hard coating that resists scratching, anti reflective coating, hydrophobic coating to repel water and Filter 8 Polarization

Shimano’s revolutionary Digital Control (DC) Braking System is now within reach of all anglers and all budgets with the new SLX DC 150 series. Built on Shimano’s now proven SLX platform with an all-aluminum HAGANE Body, the six reels in the series feature the same I-DC4 digital brake control system used on Shimano’s popular Curado DC reels.

The SLX DC reels are offered in three gear ratios – 6.3:1, 7.4:1 and 8.3:1 – and in both right- and left-hand retrieve. 

Shimano brings its best technologies to the newly-designed Stradic FL spinning reels series, offered in five sizes to cover all types of freshwater action and more than ready for inshore saltwater use. The reels feature MicroModule Gear II for unparalleled smoothness and SilentDrive Technology for microscopic tolerance levels to reduce any handle play and eliminate any clicking noise in all moving parts. Shimano’s X-Protect design provides maximum protection in the harshest saltwater environments. 

Offering bass anglers comfort, control and great looks, Shimano’s new Intenza rods introduce new G-Alpha Grip on the split-grip handles. The 15-rod series – 11 casting rods in lengths from 6-foot, 9-inch to 7-foot, 11-inch, and four spinning models in 7-foot, 7-foott 3-inch and 7-foot 6-inch lengths – feature 30-ton HM carbon blend blank construction, SeaGuide guides and a Shimano custom reel seat. 

G. Loomis further expands its all-encompassing IMX-PRO bass rod series with the addition of 17 new ‘Classic Action’ rods – Mag Bass, Spin Jig and Classic Casting now joining the 47 technique-specific available. 

The seven new Mag Bass (MBR) action casting rods are highlighted by magnum tapers and light tips to facilitate long cast and deep-water hooking abilities. The line-up includes 6’6″, 7′ and 7’6″ rods, all with a parabolic action to absorb the energy of surging bass.

Originally designed for use with soft plastics, the eight IMX-PRO Classic Spin Jig (SJR) rods provide the best alternative for anglers who favor spinning applications where a casting rod is usually prescribed. In models for finesse techniques to power fishing, the SJR rods include 6-foot models for vertical jigging, swimming lures, as well as smaller waters, standard 6-foot 6-inch and 7-foot rods, and 7-foot, 6-inch specifically designed for the growing use of hair jigs and spy baits for smallmouth.

A unique stick bait option, the Clout offers ribbed body for more displacement, a thicker end on one side for increased rigging options and a bunch of unique colors that will give anglers more options for wacky rigging, shaky heads, drop shots, oversized Ned and Neko rigs, and a lot more. 

The 6th Sense Frog was designed to be more than your standard hollow body frog. It has a slightly longer and skinnier profile than most frogs that allows it to walk very easily through cover and in open water alike. The 6th Sense Frog will come in several enticing colors with a cupped mouth for maximum appeal in all frogging situations.

The Divine Shakey worms comes in 2 sizes—6.3 inches and 7 inches. The thicker head section will give you plenty of meat to rig it on a shaky head, jighead, ned hed or on a worm hook. And the bulbous tail will pulse and undulate in the water seductively on both sizes. The 7-inch Divine Shakey Worm comes 8 per pack and 10 per pack on the 6.3 inch size.

The Hyper Jerk is actually a saltwater bait designed as a finesse reaction bait that darts and dives sub surface with a very erratic action. It will have some good freshwater applications for schooling fish on the surface and deep competitive schools out deeper as well as having search bait applications for the middle of the water column.

The Divine Swimbait was made to match up perfectly with the 6th Sense Divine Swim Jigs and swimbait heads. They offer two sizes—3.2 and 3.8 inches. The 3.2-inch size comes 7 to a pack while the 3.8-inch size comes 6 per pack. They have some awesome unique colors anglers will want to check out for their finesse swimbait and swim jig fishing.

The 6th Sense Ned Fry gives anglers a new option for Ned Rigging in some versatile unique colors in a small profile that can be fished a lot of different ways. 

6th Sense introduced 2 new creature baits—the Prawn and Stroker Craw. Both baits will be welcome additions to flipping and pitching applications as well as jig trailers. The Stroker Craw offers more action and turbulence where the Prawn will allow you to get into denser cover with its compact profile. The Prawn comes in a 4 1/5-inch size and the Stroker measures 3 1/3 inches. Both come 8 to a pack.

Our designers continue to expand the offering of G-Boxes because anglers keep expanding their requests for more of these intuitive storage solutions. The new G-Box 3500 is nearly 2.4 inches deep, so big-lipped and fat-bodied, baits fit with ease. It’s 7.4 inches wide to accommodate stick baits, long spinners and spinner blades. The clear top lets you see what’s inside and the one-handed, easy-opening design makes access exceptionally convenient. Of course, the dividers are fully adjustable too. 

MLF angler and Gamakatsu pro staff, Brent Ehrler, developed and fine-tuned the new G Finesse Stinger for use with the popular Neko and Wacky rig techniques. The G Finesse Stinger follows in the footsteps of similar, game-changing G Finesse hooks engineered by Gamakatsu.

It features Tournament Grade Wire (TGW) which is thinner and stronger than anything else on the market, and an application of Nano Smooth Coat to decrease penetration resistance. This hook can be perfectly positioned exactly where you want it, and even moved, without damaging the bait. When the bite is tough, G Finesse opens new ways to stick it to’em. 

If you’re familiar with the Ned rig technique, you probably haven’t seen this before: An offset eye, countersunk into the jig head, with a premium forged steel Gamakatsu hook. Well, now you have. Reduce time rigging and spend more time fishing. This all-in-one design is tough to beat when bass are spooked or finicky in overfished conditions. Available in 4-packs, in 3/32, 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 ounce sizes.

Brent Ehrler, and many other anglers were spending far too much time tying custom weed guards with wire or heavy monofilament on their Neko rigs because they couldn’t find the right finesse hook with the right weed guard already attached.

The G Finesse Stinger Weedless is just what the tournament trail needed. Titanium wire weed guard, Nano Smooth Coat and Tournament Grade Wire. 

Manufactured in the USA and featuring custom blanks rolled in Park Falls, Wisconsin. The Croix Custom Ice 32MLXF Perch Seeker features proprietary materials and technologies matched with recoil guides for unbelievable feel and control. 

ALL NEW Mojo Bass Glass delivers St. Croix Glass performance at a Mojo Bass price! Constructed of 100% linear S-Glass utilizing St. Croix’s proprietary IPC mandrel technology, Mojo Bass Glass rods feature Fuji reel seats and Kigan guides and hook keeper. 

Innovative design & cutting-edge technology takes sun protection & cooling capabilities to new heights. Powered by Avra cooling fibers that are noticeably softer, flatter & more flexible than standard polyester, this shirt wicks & dries like no other, & boasts a cool-to-the-touch sensation you have to feel to believe. To round out the feature set, this ultra-techy sun shirt comes equipped w/ built-in UPF 50 protection, a patented, fully integrated hood/sungaiter & a bottom hem sunglass chamois.

Built with a water-shedding, insulated, stitchless quilted outer and a Toray® Karuishi stretch-fleece fabric in the lower, the Men’s and Women’s ExStream BiComp Hoody provides anglers wearing waders, or bibs with an optimal layering solution. Powered by PrimaLoft® Cross Core Gold insulation, this fishing focused jacket comes equipped with an insulated hood, a zippered chest pocket, water shedding cuffs with built-in thumb loops and a gusseted arm panel for an unhindered range of motion.  

Stay out longer and make more memories on the water with your kid’s by giving them the sun protection they deserve with the all-new Kid’s Solar Tech Hoody. Featuring built-in UPF 30 sun protection, your children can reap the rewards of the outdoors without getting burned. Equipped with a hood for maximum protection, this quick-drying, moisture wicking shirt is also treated with an anti-microbial finish to stay fresh longer.

The be all, end all accessory for anglers demanding waterproof protection , the Dry Creek Gear Pouch is constructed from a waterproof, rugged, yet supple 300D Ripstop Polyester & features a groundbreaking toothless, fully submersible, self-healing Tru Zip™Zipper. Whether it’s cramming all the soft plastics you could possibly need, giant swim-baits, phones, or specific essentials for kayak or wadefish enthusiasts, a clear window allows anglers to see exactly what’s inside and keep it dry all-day. 

Powered by PrimaLoft® Cross Core Gold insulation for maximum warmth and a Pertex® Quantum Pro water/wind resistant upper, the West Fork keeps anglers in the moment in sub-freezing temps. Pre-baffled channels in a Toray® lower eliminates exterior stitching and adds to overall durability. Equipped with 2 zippered pockets, 2 zippered chest pockets, a 3-point adjustable storm hood, an adjustable bottom hem, and shingle cuffs designed to keep the elements out, this feature rich jacket offers superior warmth minimal weight and bulk. 

The first to engineer a high-definition underwater viewing system, Aqua-Vu HDi Gen 2 models include HD10i Pro, HD10i, HD7i Pro and HD7i. All four HDI Gen 2 Series cameras include Aqua-Vu’s patented XD™ Camera Housing, compatible with all Aqua-Vu XD accessories. Upgrades include a new 1080p HD camera, Auto-Clear video technology, OptiRX lab-quality lens and a low-power mode to augment battery life. Each system comes complete with a Super-Bright 7″ or 10″ LCD, 75- to 125-feet of camera cable, built-in adjustable infrared (IR) lighting, and a 12-volt battery with charger. All HDi Gen 2 Camera Systems are ice fishing ready as well as RAM Mount compatible for direct in-boat wiring. 

The ultimate in fish-finding technology, Aqua-Vu’s Multi-Vu HD Pro equips your TV or sonar with live underwater video. Complete with a high-definition Aqua-Vu XD™ underwater camera (with 75-feet of cable), Camera-Cable Shuttle and Control Module, the Multi-Vu Pro System  features both analog (RCA) or digital HD (HDMI) video compatibility. Also included is a 12-volt power cable for connection to an auxiliary power source, such as an on-board battery. Camera Control Module includes power on/off switch and infrared (IR) lighting dimmer switch for adjusting IR light intensity of the Aqua-Vu camera optics.

The GILL Changing Robe is a durable, functional microfiber towel designed with the boating enthusiast in mind. Ideal for quick in-and-outs and clothing changes, it features soft touch, high loft thermal material, an over-sized front pocket and large hood. 

Featuring saltwater-tested design, GILL Corona sunglasses are shaped to direct airflow around the eyes and face while cruising at speed on the water. The Corona’s also feature polarized and hydrophobic lenses so water spray is no longer an issue and since they’re designed for the water, they float. 

Complete with kill cord attachment loops, and adjustable Vortex® Hood System, and reflective accents, the GILL FG100 3-Layer jacket is guaranteed to keep you warm and waterproof while on the water. 

This new product for the fishing market comes in two new colors (Graphite/Taupe) for optimum coordination on and around the water. 

Featuring our patented 4-Way stretch fabric and UV50+ protection, this year we added two great product advancements to GILL FG120 Expedition Shorts — zippered side pockets (upgraded from velcro) and a reinforced pliers pocket so your tools are always close at hand. Like the rest of our fishing line, these shorts also feature a kill cord switch loop in addition to angled back pockets for ease of access. 

This innovative jacket is comprised of a 2-layer stretch softshell fabric with a durable outer face and hi-loft thermal lining as well as 7% spandex for added flexibility while casting. The GILL Rock Softshell features adjustable cuffs and hem for added comfort and fit as well as a drawcord adjustable hood. 

Designed for the harshest conditions in fishing, GILL Short Cruising Boots feature a non-slip, non-marking razor cut outer sole and quick-dry polyester lining to keep your feet dry all day long. For those extra wet conditions the inner sole can be easily removed for faster drying between tours – making it the ideal boot for all activities on and off the water. 

LIVETARGET’s Erratic Shiner behaves like a traditional casting spoon but has the narrow profile of a common shiner or minnow. With Injected Core Technology™ (ICT), the lure has a lifelike Inner-Core that mimics a small fleeing baitfish, while the Exo-Skin gives the lure an erratic wide-wobble action, bringing the Inner-Core to life – comes in 4 weights and 10 colors. 

Ideal for open water and ice fishing, LIVETARGET’s Flutter Shad features an exceptionally lifelike inner-profile compared to traditional jigging spoons. Injected Core Technology™ (ICT) enables the Inner-Core to host a life-like shad profile, while the Exo-Skin gives the lure its signature finesse action – comes in 5 weights and 10 colors. 

Injected Core Technology™ (ICT) enables the LIVETARGET Freestyle Frog Inner-Core to host a life-like frog profile, while the Exo-Skin gives the lure its signature action on the surface and below. Comes in 3 sizes and 8 colors. 

LIVETARGET’s Ghost Tail Minnow mimics a minnow feeding near bottom structure, and features Injected Core Technology™ (ICT), which enables the Inner-Core to host a life-like minnow profile, while the Exo-Skin gives the lure its signature finesse action. Comes in 3 sizes and 6 colors. 

Ideal for freshwater and saltwater, LIVETARGET’s Slow-Roll Shiner is an unrigged swimbait that mimics a fleeing thin-profiled baitfish and features Injected Core Technology™ (ICT), offering improved baitfish profile and detail over traditional paddletail swimbaits. Comes in 3 sizes and 6 colors. 

The OZ Radial 400EZ and OZ Radial Nano by ScentLok are all-in-one, portable, rechargeable ozone generators that destroy odors, bacteria, dust mites, mold, fungus and mildew. Perfect for the truck, boat, garage, workshop or eliminating fishy odors in the home or kitchen, OZ Marine Odor Destroyers emit a powerful stream of ozone in 360 degrees, offer multiple operating modes and will charge mobile devices via the built-in USB port. 

The new Element™ HV sonar/GPS delivers a sharp view of the underwater world with HyperVision™ 1.2MHz super high-resolution sonar technology, taking DownVision, SideVision, and Raymarine RealVision 3D sonar to the next level of precision imaging and fish identification. All Element’s models—7, 9 and 12-inch options—feature an onboard quad-core processor delivering instantaneous chart redraw, smooth RealVision 3D imaging and fast response while underway. Element’s RealBathy™ personal depth map generator allows anglers to create their own high-definition bathymetric sonar maps in real-time.  

The super-versatile TopWater is easily mounted to a roof rack or trailer for on-the-go access to as many as eight fully rigged baitcasting and spinning rods up to 8 feet in length (or 20 bare rods). The TopWater keeps rods and reels secure and organized during transit thanks to protective foam pads and rubber straps that ensure everything stays in place. 

Additional space under the rods accommodates low-profile tackle boxes and other gear. The durable hard-plastic shell features Carbonite, the industry-proven, American-made material used in Yakima’s SkyBox products. With a Yakima SKS lock included, the TopWater is equipped to keep cargo secure. As with the DoubleHaul, the TopWater is compatible with any crossbar style and shape. 

This 8 1/2 inch beefy shaky head worm has been requested for years by anglers wanting to fish magnum shaky heads offshore and on lakes with big schools of bass. This will give anglers a lot of options for that setup now. 

For the do-it-yourself lure makers, there is now a Ned rig mold for the midwest finesse technique. The mold features 8 cavities to pour your own finesse plastics for Ned rigging. 

Jackall brings a new design to its legendary iSHAD soft plastic bait to target finicky bass on a drop-shot rig or jig head. With a tail bulge shape to keep it stable, the split tail design creates small vibrations. Two different salt compositions are injected into the iSHAD, with less salt on the top section so the bottom section is heavier and provides a more stable swimming action.

With its circuit board body design to offer the ultimate in vibration and movement, Jackall’s Keeburn blade bait will trigger strikes with either ‘yo-yo’ retrieves or vertical jigging, especially in colder water situations. It has an instantly strong wobbling action with the turn of the reel handle when being retrieved, plus has the stability to fall straight down with as subtle, fish-enticing flutter action. 

BUY HEREWith a special process making it glow when illuminated by a blacklight, the new PowerPro Moon Shine braid benefits both anglers fishing at night to avoid the summer heat, and the fish they are pursuing. Using Super8Slick V2 braid as its core, the Moon Shine braid is targeted to the growing interest in nighttime bass fishing tournaments taking place most notable in Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas.

The new Phenom Edition EP-100 (Limited Edition) Baitcasting Reel is 5.9 ounces. It was developed by the top tournament anglers at the highest levels of tournament bass fishing. Featuring Ceramic ABEC7 Spool Hi-Speed, Chemically Polished Bearings and Zero-Reverse one-way clutch bearing anti-reverse, the special heat treatment on the aluminum main gear, pinion gear, and worm drive provides extreme durability while creating a lightweight tournament reel. The A6061-T6 ADC corrosion-proof frame provides protection in both fresh and saltwater environments.

Externally adjustable 6-pin 25 position Magnetic Braking system and a rugged carbon fiber drag system providing up to 18 pounds of drag power.

Few would disagree that Kevin VanDam is the greatest bass angler of all time, which is why nobody will protest the highly affordable $99 price of the brand new Quantum Smoke rods he introduced at the 2019 ICAST show. 

This series of rods offers a complete selection of the actions Kevin has made most of his money with – which are made of E-glass, as well his favorite graphite spinning and casting rod actions. Aluminum oxide guides and extended grip EVA foam handles add all the top notch details.

Housed in a lightweight graphite frame, 33′s all metal gears improved not only speed but durability as well . And no bite from a fish will go undetected thanks to Zebco’s patented Bite AlertTM system that provides audio indications when a fish begins to tug the line from the reel spool. The latest Zebco 33 combos feature QuickSet™ anti-reverse reels and are available as both right- or left- handed models in three sizes as well as two colors, silver and pink. Rods are made of sturdy fiberglass with improved actions to provide a complete go-anywhere angling package to continue proving why Zebco has been the user-friendliest brand in fishing for 70 years.

The 1948 model Hula Popper was listed as one the most influential lures in bass fishing in this feature. The new Hula Popper 2.0 has the same body style but everything else has been modernized from the crackle-back finishes, matching dressed feather trebles and No. 6 Black Nickel treble hooks with heavy duty split rings to enhance the original popper’s action.

Introducing AFTCO Overboard shorts featuring an integrated waterproof / submersible roll-top pocket. Built to keep your valuables safe whether you are in or on the water, AFTCO’s new Overboard fishing shorts were developed to push the boundaries of technical fishing clothing innovation. Overboard is packed to the gills with features like AFLITE ultralight fabric, AFLEX 4-way stretch, AFGUARD stain resistance, Cordura® lined pliers pocket, 21-inch outseam, 10-inch inseam and an active fit.

Reaper delivers for the female angler with functional features like an integrated face / neck warmer, laser cut ventilation on mask / underarm, cinch cord hood anchoring system, Block Tapey pocket closure, hi / low position ponytail hood openings, AFGUARD stain release, DWR, mid-hip length and a toasty 100% poly bonded micro fleece fabric. No disrespect to your favorite cotton hoodie, but the AFTCO Reaper fleece hoodie will easily be a staple when things cool down and warmth is a necessity.

This new footwear collection features high tech waterproof breathable materials, premium rugged leather uppers, rust proof metal hardware, memory foam cushioning, rip proof nylon uppers, moisture wicking linings, and slip resistant outsoles.

A few 2019 Realtree Fishing Frogg Toggs products to be featured at ICAST include the Pilot Pro Jacket and Bib, which are designed for superior warmth, dryness and protection with YKK zippers, fleece-lined hand-warmer pockets and adjustable features. The Women’s Pilot Jacket and Pant offer all of the weather-proof technology of the men’s version but with a feminine styling.  The Frogg Toggs Grinder Deck Shoe provides the slip- and water-resistant design every boat fisherman needs thanks to the slip-resistant maritime outsole and rubber and neoprene upper construction. 

Big Bite Baits Kamikaze Craw comes built with a large solid body core for easy rigging on either a jig or EWG hook, and is equipped with a ribbed body section for added action and skin hooking EWG applications. Added ridges and holes built into the craws make the craws have an aggressive swimming and flapping action when retrieved. 

The Kamikaze Craw is 3 3/4 inches in size, comes in a 6 pack, and will be available in 11 of Big Bites top fish-catching colors. 

Kamikaze Swimon was designed to be used as a trailer for your vibrating jigs, swim jigs or spinnerbaits. The Swimon is built with a vertical segmented body and tail profile to provide a realistic baitfish swimming appearance and action. 

The Kamikaze Swimon will come in a 6pk count and will be available in 8 Top Big Bite Fish Catching Colors. 

Big Bite Baits Shorty Head is made to be teamed with your finesse plastics to give you a weedless Ned rigging option. The Shorty Head is made on a 3/0 Gamakatsu EWG black nickel sticky sharp hook and is designed with a flat back head so your plastics will fit closely to the back of the head giving you a more weedless profile and presentation. 

The Shorty Head will be available in 1/8, 3/16, 1/4z and 3/8-ounce sizes, 4 pack count and will be available in color choices of Black, and Green Pumpkin.

Big Bite Baits Pro Staff tested this bait for more than 18 months to ensure it would perform when fished under any condition. Available in lengths of 5 1/2 inches and 7 1/2 inches, the Tour Swim Worm features a ringed body with a solid core to allow for easy placement of any hook size.  

The worm can be fished in two ways as a traditional paddle tail worm, or the tail can be broken apart on the perforation to create a high-speed swimming action when retrieved at any speed.  

The Tour Swim Worm is available in 12 Top Big Bite fish catching colors in both sizes.  The 5 1/2-inch worm comes in an 8 pack and the 7 1/2-inch worm comes in an 6 pack.  

New for 2019, Sunline has designed the ultimate night fishing fluorocarbon line. Night FC was specifically designed for angling at night. It is highly visible under black light, so an angler is able to see his lines at all times. Night FC is 100% fluorocarbon providing all the benefits of fluorocarbon lines like high abrasion resistance, lower stretch and greater sensitivity while featuring a high visibility blue coloring. The blue coloring glows under black light for easy visibility during night or day. 

Developed from a 100% fluorocarbon line formula Power2C FC is made to have a high abrasion resistance, lower stretch factor, greater sensitivity and built to take what any power fisherman can hand out day in and day out. For added line watching visibility Power2C FC features a repeating section of 12-inch high visibility Orange line marking, followed by a 48-inch section of clear line.   

Power2C FC will be available in the following sizes 18, 20, 22 and 25-pound size and comes in 165-yard spool size.

This superior 16-carrier braid was designed to give you added power while maintaining a stealthy presence when flipping and pitching in heavy cover. With a tighter weave and slick coating, the “zipping” noise that often spooks fish in bushes and matted vegetation you get when trying flip most braids is removed. 

Now you can put EBS Technology to use anywhere you fish. The new 4 1/2 inch, 6 ounce speaker emits natural baitfish sounds to attract gamefish to where you are fishing. Works to 600 feet. 

Now you can Livingston’s EBS (Enhanced Baitfish Sound) Technology to Texas rigs, carolina rigs and more with their Bullet. It can be fished weightless in front of texas rigged plastics or with a weight inserted to give you sound enhanced presentations with plastics.

The new AIRrus Ultra is built with MAGMA Polyacrylonitrile technology with reduced rod weight of 10% (on average) using a lighter carbon fiber in the pre-preg while keeping the MultiModulus Technology.  The handle is now made of a harder grade EVA, assembled with less glue and without internal spacers for a better sensitivity. The guides wrapped on the Ultra are Fuji FaZLite with anti-tangle frame.

The new 3-inch Mister Ned gives the angler a new ned rig option with scent, density and action in a small package. Comes in 6 colors, 10 to a pack for $6.99.

Designed for the popular Ned Rig technique and drop shotting, the Reins RND Fat Worm at 3 1/4 inches incorporates the Reins needle tail and signature scent, consisting of large amounts of salt and shrimp scent, proven to increase your catch ratio. The Reins RND Fat Worm excels when paired with any complementing mushroom head or rigged on a drop shot rig.

BOTE’s first-ever venture into kayak design sets the high water mark for drop stitch inflatables. It’s 12 1/2 feet long by 35 1/2 inches wide, weighs 55 pounds and can hold 400 pounds. It features a Self-Draining Cockpit, Kula Bait Bucket port, adjustable seat, under-seat storage, and four chamber construction for increased stability and rigidity. 

The Okuma Cerros Bass Rods are new to the family for 2020. These technique specific rods are built on a responsive and durable 24-ton carbon blank. With three spinning and ten casting models, these technique specific rods will cover any application you are set to explore. All of the rods feature an extra fast rod taper giving plenty of backbone and forgiveness, but also the hook setting power you need.

Helios SX rods were designed specifically for the hardcore bass fisherman. These rods were built to be extremely lightweight and balanced. The backbone of the Helios SX rods is the ultra-responsive and durable 30-ton carbon blank construction. This 30-ton carbon construction gives these rods the sensitivity you need to feel each bump and tick as you retrieve your bait.

The Helios SX rods bring their lightweight technology into 12 key spinning and baitcast models. With five spinning models from 6-foot, 9-inches to 7-foot, 2-inches and light- to medium-heavy actions, they have you covered in your drop shop or other key spinning applications. The series also has seven casting models from 7-foot to 7-foot, 6-inches and medium- to heavy-actions.

Serrano Bass Rods are new to the family for 2020. These rods feature tournament-level components and feature the durability and strength for the everyday angler.

These technique specific rods are built on a responsive and durable 24-ton carbon blank. There are nine models in the Serrano Bass series of rods. With three spinning and six casting models, these technique specific rods cover the application you desire. All of the models range from 6-foot, 10-inches to 7-foot, 6-inches and come in medium light to extra heavy actions.

The Serrano Bass rods are available at a retail price of $119.99 and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Okuma Tournament Concept Rods have been a staple in the Okuma bass lineup for several years. This year Okuma has reintroduced the TCS rods with some key updates and features.

There are 13 models in the Tournament Concept Series family. With four spinning and nine casting models, these technique specific rods have you covered on any application you should choose. The spinning models range from 6-foot, 9-inches to 7-foot, 2-inches and have actions from medium light to medium. The casting models range from 6-foot, 9-inches to 7-foot, 11-inches and range from a medium+ to extra heavy.

Cutting wire

The Tournament Concept Series rods are available at a retail price of $144.99 to $154.99 and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

The Angler Aid Essentials box has everything you need to keep handy in a boat or truck for fishing and boating mishaps, and nothing you don’t. The number one goal is to keep you on the water longer while keeping you prepared for what could happen.

Barbed Wire, Metal Mesh, Stainless Wire Mesh, Screen Window – JIUZHOU METAL,https://www.jz-metal.com/